Quid Spro Quo
Train the best Baristas.



Why Quid Spro Quo?

Quid Pro Quo means something for something. Spro is shorthand for espresso. Other than a terrific pun, we want to articulate that coffee has given us a lot and it’s time we gave back. Professionally and personally, cups of coffee have afforded us the opportunity to grow professionally, embed ourselves in community, and build a small business. In the spirit of giving back, returning the favor, and renewing investment, we created Quid Spro Quo: an affordable, approachable, effective means to train staffs of Baristas and invite them to fall in love with coffee.

Baristas, Managers, and Owners alike understand the tensions and joys of cafe life. The goal of Quid Spro Quo is to remove roadblocks between the Barista and the Guest so that coffee preparation can simply be the method by which the Barista cares for their regulars.  

Okay, more literally, what am I paying for?

The Quid Spro Quo training product is currently 19 slide shows, 19 ‘read-along’ workbooks, 6 recipe calculators, and 4 troubleshooting guides. The slideshows are hosted on our server so you or your staff can access them day or night with your logins. (Beta Specific —->) The recipe calculators are currently hosted in Google Spreadsheets and will be forwarded to you at signup.

The slideshows cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Coffee, Flavor, and Cupping

  2. Introduction to Extraction Theory & Manual Brewing with Grounded.

  3. Introduction to Milk; Portioning, Preparation, Steaming, Pouring, and Latte Art

  4. Introduction to Espresso Mechanics, Extraction Styles, Extraction Flavor Modeling, Dial-In Strategy, and Troubleshooting

Why spend money on training?

Opening a new cafe can easily be a $250k venture. Many cafes (most, in my experience) experience 90% turnover in the first year but Roasters only send out their trainer for those free or low cost sessions the first month. Why not insure that investment with a reliable, customizable training program for your leadership and staff. Reduce turnover, increase regulars attendance, make good coffee well.

Who is Quid Spro Quo for?

Baristas, Cafe Managers, and Coffee Trainers, and Cafe Owners.

As professional Baristas, we are bound to one another with a common value: love of coffee. This commonality motivates long career of early mornings and life-time regulars. We celebrate this commonality, even when we compete in the marketplace. We share the best part of ourselves with one another by hosting each other’s regulars, improving coffees, and training new generations of Baristas.

If you, like me, have given your career to this love of coffee, finding the support you need for your business is a paramount step. Our mentors, bosses, and coworkers have invested in us and we owe it to our employees to teach them what we know. Quid Spro Quo fits into that crevice, we span the gap between hiring for your first cafe and growing a sustainable company by enriching your staff’s career and your regular’s cups with our coffee curriculum.

What separates QSQ from Barista Camp or Competition?

QSQ costs $100/month for a staff of 5 Baristas. QSQ is subscription based training materials for teams of Baristas. We teach a your manager or trainer to coach staff through curriculum they can access on their devices. You don’t have to worry about the materials being too much or too little information - we’ll make sure you have the lessons you need to start up and keep the staff growing.


Barista Camp/Competition cost $2k-8K. These models tend to focus on the individual and not the team. And frankly, they’re very expensive. We want to set teams of professional Baristas up with the tools they need to succeed so that they can help one another - not compete against each other for a single opportunity.

QSQ is the affordable, scaleable solution for training for you or your entire staff.

Who is QSQ available for?

We offer access to our training materials to Baristas, Teams, and Roasters.

  • Baristas can access training materials, recipe calculators, and professional tools.

  • Teams of 5 or fewer can access the same content plus trainer specific content and guidance.

  • Roasters can distribute logins to their accounts too! Contact us about pricing!

We also offer access on a case by case basis for video calls, site visits, and can coordinate with Roaster training.

When and how often will I be charged for Quid Spro Quo?

Our billing is processed with Stripe and will recur on the same day of each month.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. Though cancelling will deactivate your logins.

I have a one of a kind machine or shop, will QSQ work for me?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, hit us up.