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After years in the industry, we are working to get terrific training materials into the hands of Baristas and home brewers.


Gregory Alford

Gregory currently serves as Head Coffee Coach at Houndstooth Coffee in Austin, TX. He spends his time cooking with his wife, Ruth, and caring for their excessive number of plants. After Barista-ing, competing, catering, training, publishing, and consulting on behalf of Houndstooth Coffee and Tweed Coffee Roasters, he’s excited to share his expertise and passion for good coffee made well.

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From the Author of Grounded…

The one complaint we hear about Grounded is that it isn’t really designed for Baristas. Which is true, it’s very much a home brewing manual and theorem. QSQ is designed to include the home brewer, but it really is designed for training staffs of Baristas. Our curriculum makes a few assumptions about the cafe setting and equipment that a home brewer may not have access to.

Our goal has been to offer access to better coffee to more people and we are continuing with that vision with Quid Spro Quo.