Quid Spro Quo
Train the best Baristas.


Quid Spro Quo

Train the Best Baristas

QSQ may be a silly pun about exchange of goods and services, but we participate in this exchange with our staff, regulars, and communities every day. We strive to create a premium product for which we charge a premium rate. We believe that if we are going to ask our Baristas for their best work, we also owe them the best training.

From the author of “Grounded,” we bring you Quid Spro Quo. A subscription based, on-demand training program for Baristas.


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Espresso 101 to Advanced

We take Baristas through a full spectrum of making espresso. Everything from grinder to machine to flavor modelling, to advanced theory.


Milk Prep, Steaming, Latte Art

We offer video and written tutorials for Baristas to learn how to use their specific steam wand. It doesn’t matter which machine you have - we teach Hearts, Tulips, Rosettas, and Swans on all of them.


Filtered Coffee Theory & Recipes

We use Grounded as the springboard for our conversation about extraction theory and brewing coffee. Our recipe calculators are designed to allow you to set your flavor goals and we’ll do the math for you.